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Our Smart Electric Fireplace from Modern Blaze

This post is sponsored by Modern Blaze. All opinions are my own!

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing my thoughts about the  Modern Blaze, Dynasty Cascade 82” Smart Fireplace that we installed in our new townhouse few months back. It was the month of December and I was in the process of setting up the ambiance and mood of our living room. December weather notably influences any interior design! Being the ‘sweater weather’ in Chicago, it is not just the crisp morning air that needs to be appreciated but something needs to compliment it as well. Something to inaugurate serenity but more importantly, warmth.

Smart Fireplace from Modern Blaze

Electric Fireplace from Modern BlazeHere at Glam and Panache, I believe in chic and contemporary. We came across Modern Blaze when we were browsing online looking for electric fireplaces. We were super impressed with the versatile collection of  sleek fireplaces Modern blaze has to offer. On a different note, being a parent, our worst nightmare is a fire accident, we wanted something that was baby-proof and felt safe. Hence we completely ruled out the idea of a traditional fireplace. Traditional fireplaces do have a vintage feel to them but they have too many over-all negative effects on the environment due to the soot and smoke. The fact that electric fireplaces have zero emissions and no hazardous byproducts were highlighted in almost every article we came across on the internet. There is also no alarming concern of unwelcoming smoky odors seeping into the carpet, rug, bed, or the couch.

Modern Blaze 82" Dynasty Fireplace

I want to briefly touch upon a few features that I adore about this fireplace. There is a feature that allows us to customize the brightness, flame speed and flame color according to the required ambiance or style. Another spectacular feature that  I love is I can ask my handy tech-assistant Alexa to turn on the fireplace and she does it in seconds! This fireplace is also compatible with Google Home! How cool is that?! It comes with a remote control, black trim, log set, fire glass, AAA batteries and a user’s manual.

Dynasty fireplace


Modern Blaze Dynasty fireplaceThe Dynasty app on iOS and Android helps control the mood of your living room. It has a very advanced panel that leads to a gorgeous setup and display. Definitely something your guests will ask you about!

We installed this fireplace in the month of December; the installation process seemed fairly simple, thanks to the installation guide available on their website. December being the holiday season we were busy with celebrations and babysitting our 5-month-old sweetheart. We thought it was better to seek help from a handyman who did a great job with the framing and installation of the drywall. We further added white wall panels around the fireplace which was a DIY task and took us roughly 5 hours. The panels add a certain je ne sais quoi to our living room. Setting up a fireplace from scratch was a fun yet challenging activity. We enjoyed every bit of the installation process and we are super impressed with this high quality product! It looks absolutely gorgeous and keeps our living room space warm and cozy. You can find this fireplace here.

Hope you all liked this blog post. Let me know if you have any questions ..would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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