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For many of us, traveling is a way of life. Some of us travel on business, some for pleasure. Some have even made it their entire life – nomads who will travel all year round. But the real deal is that all travel is expensive. Even the most budget conscious traveler will vouch for the fact that they have to spend some amount from their pocket; backpacking and hitchhiking also involves some expenses that are unavoidable.

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If you are like me and plan every detail of your travels and trips, you will know that setting aside budgets for each major category will ease your mind to a large extent. It also helps me identify deals and giveaways that I can use in my travels. In these times of plastic money there are cards for everything. Getting a card dedicated for travel only seems a natural and logical choice.

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PenFed 4I have noticed that this helps alleviate the fear of the unknown and is the key to not letting the travel anxiety and budget worries bother your mind. To me, sometimes it feels like an elder brother or sister watching over me, giving me the peace of mind that should an unexpected expense arise, I do have it covered. Well at least to some extent.

PenFed 5I recently found the PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature® Card which I have taken to like the moment I got my hands on it. A unique offer of 50,000 reward points for spending $3,000 in the first 90 days is what made me excited. A trip that I was about to embark upon meant I would need air and bus tickets and of course, the stay at the comfortable but not very expensive resort that I have heard has an awesome spa. Just the categories listed here easily churn up a budget of a few grand. I am now happy that I have the perfect card to charge them to.


Not only does the card offer these 50,000 reward points as a bonus, every spend on travel category earns me 3x the rewards and every other category gives me 1.5x points. When planned in advance, each trip can almost buy out the next one in reward points. A smart way to spend that earns points that keep on multiplying as you use it more and more.


A world class service and products that meet global standards are the backbone of the PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature® Card ensuring a seamless and hassle free experience on every usage.


Having this card is like having a trusted friend as a companion, always. Whether you plan to travel solo or with a few friends, the PenFed card will always have your back and the points earned are a totally rewarding experience – pun intended.


Did I mention that a small annual fee of $95 is all it takes to get this awesome companion? What’s more, if you are in military service, a member of the Reserves or National Guard, an honorably discharged U.S. Military Veteran or retired from such service, you automatically qualify for the PenFed Honors program which waives off this annual fee as well.


As a PenFed Pathfinder® Rewards cardholder, if you qualify for Honors Advantage (member of the military or Access America account holder) at the time of the application, they will waive the annual fee on your account. If you were not eligible at account opening, but subsequently become eligible, the annual fee will be waived on your next anniversary. If at any time, you fail to meet the eligibility requirement, you will no longer be eligible for the waiver. You will receive advance notice of this change.

About this program:

Another bonus to apply for the Pathfinder® Rewards Visa Signature® Card is the chance to enter into the Dream Vacation Sweepstakes of $10,000. One lucky winner is going to be traveling in style for the next upcoming trips!

And if you aren’t ready to apply, simply fill out the entry form here to enter to win!

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